The Lighthouse Project by Globus Family of Brands


As travel enthusiasts, we share a love for discovering the wonders of the world. The Lighthouse Project by the Globus Famly of Brands is more than just a travel experience, but a beacon that guides us towards sustainable, responsible and animal-friendly tourism.


Sustainable Travel:

With a focus on minimizing environmental impact, Lighthouse properties have been carefully selected to showcase the beauty of our planet while preserving its delicate ecosystem. From minimizing single-use plastics to using renewable energy sources, this project is a testament to the belief that travel can be beneficial.


Animal Welfare:


As advocates for animal lovers and ethical tourism, it is encouraging to see the Lighthouse Project fighting for animal welfare. Your travel experiences will no longer come at the expense of our furry and foodie friends. The project ensures that all interactions with wildlife are in accordance with responsible and respectful guidelines that promote the protection and conservation of animal habitats.


Say goodbye to exploitative animal attractions and welcome encounters that will enrich your trip while contributing to the well-being and incredible biodiversity of our planet. Whether you're witnessing marine life in their natural habitats or supporting sanctuaries dedicated to restoration and conservation, the Lighthouse Project ensures that every step of your adventure is a step toward a brighter, more compassionate future.


Responsible Travel:


The Lighthouse Project is a testament to the belief that responsible travel is not just a choice - it's a responsibility. By immersing travelers in a rich collection of local cultures, the project fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the communities they visit. The Lighthouse Project strives to leave a positive and lasting impact on the places it touches by partnering with local businesses and participating in community initiatives.


In addition to supporting the local economy, the project encourages travelers to consider their footprint by offering training programs on responsible travel. This ensures that every Lighthouse Project guided trip leaves a legacy of respect, cultural exchange and sustainable growth.




As a travel agency dedicated to providing enriching experiences, we believe taht byy choosing this sustainable, animal-friendly and responsible travel option, you're not just on vacation—you're becoming part of a movement that advocates for a brighter, more harmonious future for travelers and travelers. of the items they value. Let the Lighthouse Project light your way to a more informed and compassionate way of exploring the world.


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